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        It has more than ten years of professional experience
        in the production of plastic products, strict Quality
        management system, advanced equipment,
        strong technical force,
        The trust of customers。

        First company boasts more than 290 technical staff, machinery and equipment to
        Forward, using the most advanced plastic production manager
        More than 400 employees, it covers an area of 7500 square meters。

        ISO9001 certification, ICTI certificate, Alibaba
        Through 12 years of certification。

        People-oriented company, the integrity of the city legislature to training, learning and Yan
        Georgia ideological education,
        hotline:+86 769-86533748、+86 86552496、+86 81807763


        Dongguan Sengtor Plastic Products Co., Ltd. (Dongguan hengwei plastic bag factory) is located in dongguan, guangdong province ShiShi row town industrial park. Heart mai Existing staff four hundred DuoRen, cover an area of an area of 7500 square meters.
        Our company specializing in the production of corn starch biodegradation material bags and related products, plastic stationery and plastic packing and so on the three categories of products. Plastic stationery includes (WenJianDai, folder, material volume, photo album, photo album inside pages, MingPianCe, card volume, PP box and all kinds of three-dimensional packing box, including such products of exquisite printing); Packing category includes (corn starch material sources of the 100% biodegradable bags, 3-6 months all biodegradable bags, 12 months the biodegradable bag; decomposition bag; even the roll bag, supermarket shopping bag; PE, PP, PO, PPE, PPU, OPP, PVC, CPE, PEVA, PP plate and each flat pockets, R bag, hang pocket, walked arm in arm bag, CPP fire bag, anti-static bag, siliconised bags, bagging, lock pocket book, environmental protection solution bag, leaflet, tube materials, bone bag, compound bag, self-supporting bag, etc.).

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