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12-08 Southwest's largest household plastic products market moved to Chengdu International Trade City!

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Because of infrastructure, limited trading patterns, lotus pond more than 800 household plastic products operating businesses looking for a new home spontaneously, will move to the Chengdu International Trade City. Yesterday was the lotus pond district household plastic products businesses stay Chengdu International Trade City, the first day of registration enrollment, active counseling, relocation of businesses enrollment of more than 800 households, which also marked the largest relocation of household plastic products market upgrade Southwest Region started.

800 businesses eager to move overwhelming response

9:00, temporary located in the Chengdu International Trade City Hall the registration points have been packed, registration of businesses waiting in a queue.

To put an end to the phenomenon of speculation spread, businesses are regulated by the former in the lotus pond market business license and the original market of the lease contract, through a rigorous information reporting, audit and other procedures, in order to register in the registration of new markets. "We take the initiative to come, before the old market conditions are poor, it can not adapt to new business development." Chen Song dealers in the lotus pond for 15 years of plastic products business business, his products have been sold to China's western region various provinces and cities, with an annual turnover rate of 20% growth.

Chen Song said that with the growing wealth management products, the market is far less than the original space, the lotus pool market area behind supporting him very anxious.

And Chen Song, like the lotus pond household plastic products more than 800 businesses are facing common development is limited situation, hoping to find new and better market conditions.

Last month, several dealers collected on behalf of the views of many businesses, individuals find Chengdu lotus pond association, reflected the wishes of hope move into new markets. After four visits, to finalize the relocation to Chengdu International Trade City.

Store opened simultaneously interim

"Phase III in accordance with the principles of the Chengdu International Trade City paddle to the city, the original plastic products category shops located in the market, taking into account the dealers are eager desire, we decided to let them come up with a transition zone management." Chengdu International Trade City director朱文荣 said the commodity market one or two now live full, three market is undergoing construction, received individual circumstances Chengdu lotus pond reflect association, the market square of emergency research, decided to use the second floor of the six blocks of the overall market market acceptance household plastic products businesses, temporary transitional period up to two years.

Chengdu International Trade City daily plastic products market can accommodate more than 2,000 households, is the Southwest's largest household plastic products professional market, after the business relocated to a lotus pond, the market square will be open every household in their online store, to help businesses carry out entity Market virtual market combined with e-commerce, but also in the market surrounding the business matches the corresponding storage areas and logistics services.

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